Danse med G

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

Side ned…

2018/2019Galways Girls31-Imp2
2011/2012Gambling Man72-IntA
2012/2013Get Lucky64-IntA, B
2013/2014Girl Power64-IntA
2012/2013Gleefully There96-IntB
2008/2009Go Mama Go64-ImpA, B, F, J
2011/2012Go Seven32-BD
2010/2011Go With It64-ImpD
2008/2009Go With The Flow64-ImpA, B
2010/2011Going Back West32-ImpD
2012/2013Gold Digger32-A-BC, D
2011/2012Good Day To Run32-BC, D
2007/2008Good Night 2 B Lonely32-IA
2011/2012Good Ole Boys32-B/IntD
2008/2009Good Time48-BD
2011/2012Good Times48-B/IntD, J
2008/2009Good To Be Us32-B/IntJ
2012/2013Got My Baby Back32-H-BD
2012/2013Gotta Be Somebody64-Int/AdvA
2008/2009Gotta Hitch64-IntA
2008/2009Guantanamera48-IntA, B
2007/2008Guardian Angel32-IntA
2016/2017Greystone Chapel64-Imp4
2016/2017Gypsy Queen32-Imp2, 3
2015/2016Ghost Train32-Imp1, 2
2015/2016Golden Wedding Ring32-B1, 2, 3
2016/2017Get Down The Fiddle32-B3
2016/2017Give My Love To Rose 32-H-B3
2016/2017Ghost Town64-Imp4
2016/2017Get Down The Fiddle32-B1, 2
2017/2018George Strait64-H-Beg.2, 3
2018/2019Get It Right32-Imp.3
2018/2019Graffiti Baby32-Beg.1, 2
2018/2019Goodbye Summer32-E-Int.3
2019/2020Gone West32-Imp.Letøvet
2019/2020Get Wild64-Int.Øvet
2019/2020Girl In Pieces32-ImpLetøvet
2021/2022Good Strong Woman32-H.Beg.Begynder
2022/2023Green Green Grass32-Imp.Letøvet
2022/2023Green Green Grass AB32-A-Beg.Begynder

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