Danse med A

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2023/2024And the Cowboy Rides Away32-Beg.Letøvet
2023/2024Always Will32-A-Beg.Begynder
2016/2017A Little Love Trip32-Imp2
2016/2017An Absolute Dream32-A-B1
2016/2017Ain’t Got Nobody32-E-Imp3
2015/2016@ the Hop48-B/Int2
2015/2016AH SI!32-B1, 2
2015/2016A Womans Love64-B3
2015/2016All I Can Say64-Int5
2015/2016Ain't Misbehavin'48-Int5
2016/2017An Absolute Dream32-A-B1
2015/2016An Ordinary Girl 32-B3
2015/2016All You Need32-B1, 2, 3
2015/2016And Get It On32-Int4, 5
2014/2015Angel In Blue Jeans64-Int4, 5
2014/2015A One Way Ticket32-B1
2014/2015A Long Way Home64-Int3, 5
2014/2015All Day Long64-I3, 5
2014/2015All About A Woman32-B1, 3
2014/2015Applejack32-Int4, 5
2014/2015Amame64-Int4, 5
2013/2014A Little Bit Gypsy 32-Imp/IntE, F
2013/2014Another Song 32-ImpF, J
2013/2014Always Alone48- IntF
2013/2014Air Balloon64- IntA, B
2013/2014AB Allright Ready16-A-BE
2013/2014A Love Worth Waiting 4 64-IntF, J
2012/2013Anything 64- H-IntA
2012/2013A Little Love Worth Waiting 432- A-BC
2012/2013Aint No Fool 48-IntF, J
2012/2013Aiko Aiko 32- IntJ
2011/2012Alabama Slammin 48-IntB, F, J
2011/2012After Skiing 32- BB
2011/2012All Of Me 32-IntB
2011/2012A Walk On The Wild Side 32-IntA
2011/2012A Little Wauw32-BC
2011/2012A Lot Like That 32-IntJ
2010/2011A Perfekt Day 48-IntA, B
2010/2011Aphrodite 64-IntA, B
2010/2011Af En Af 64- Imp
2010/2011Always Crazy 64-IntA
2010/2011Askin Questions 32-IntA, B, J
2010/2011Alamo Boom 32-BC
2010/2011American Honey 32-IntA, J
2009/2010Abidi-Hi-Bidi-Hop-Hop64-ImpA, B
2008/2009Am I? 32-B/IntA, B
2008/2009 Addicted32- Int/AdvA
2008/2009Amor De Hielo 64-IntA, B
2008/2009All I Got 64-IntB
2007/2008Atomik Polka 64- IntA, F, J
2007/2008Alfie 32- BD, J
2007/2008Anyway 32-BD
2017/2018All The King's Horses64-Int.4
2017/2018A Thousand Stars64-Imp.2
2017/2018A Girl Like You32-Imp.2, 3
2017/2018All The King's Men32-Beg.1
2018/2019A Double Whiskey64-Imp.2
2018/2019A Fool In Love48-Beg.2
2019/2020A Little More You40-E-Int.Øvet
2021/2022A Little Bit Louder32-Imp.Letøvet

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