Danse med S

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2023/2024Straight Line" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Straight Line64-Int.3
2016/2017Sea Of Heartbreak32-Imp2
2007/2008Sea Salt Sally96-IntA, B, F, J
2011/2012Shake The Bom Bom64-ImpJ
2013/2014Shake The Room48-IA, B
2008/2009She Believes32-ImpA, B, F, J
2011/2012Share This Love64-IntA
2012/2013Shattered Dreams32-BC
2007/2008Show Me Yours48-IntA, B
2011/2012Show Me Your Teeth64-IntA, B
2011/2012Side By Side64-IntA, E, F, J
2007/2008Simplemente32-IntA, B F
2009/2010Sister Kate32-IntA, B, F, J
2012/2013Slow Surrender24-H-BE
2010/2011Snap Your Fingers64-Int/AdvA
2009/2010So Easily32-ImpC, D
2008/2009So Glamorous32-IntA
2012/2013Some Nights64-IntB
2012/2013Soul Fire32-IntA
2010/2011Something Good48-IntA, B
2009/2010Speak With Your Heart32-IntF, J
2013/2014Splish Splash128-IntF
2008/2009Spotlight32-IntA, B
2007/2008Stand By Me Cha32-Int/AdvA
2013/2014Staring Back At Me32-IntA, B
2007/2008Stars In My Eyes64-B/IntA, D, J
2012/2013Stay Stay Stay32-ImpB, D, E
2011/2012Stay With Me64-IntA, B
2012/2013Stick Like Glue48-BC, D, F
2011/2012Still Got The Blues96-IntA, B
2013/2014Stitch It Up64-B/IntA, B, E
2012/2013Straight To Memphis48-IA, B
2010/2011Stuck With…?64-E-IntB, J
2009/2010Stuff You Gotta Watch48-IntF
2010/2011Stupidville32-BC, D
2010/2011Sugar Candy64-ImpA, B
2007/2008Sugar & Pai32-IntA, B, D, F, J
2013/2014Suicide Waltz 96-Int/AdvA, B
2011/2012Suspicious Minds64-IntB
2008/2009Sweet Little Corrina64-ImpF, J
2009/2010Sweet Little Dangerous64-IntA, B
2007/2008Sweetly Smiles32-BD, J
2012/2013Sweet Rock and Roll48-ImpC, F
2015/2016Save The Day32-Int5
2015/2016Second Hand Heart64-Int4, 5
2015/2016Sexy Night32-E-Int5
2014/2015Shake That Bass32-B1, 2
2015/2016Shawty With U32-B2
2014/2015Show You Off32-B/Int5
2015/2016Sinatra & Chardonnay64-Imp4
2016/2017So Just Dance Dance Dance !32-Imp4
2015/2016Something in the Water32-B1, 2
2015/2016Stitches 32-Imp4, 5
2015/2016Streamlinin’32-Imp3, 4
2014/2015Stop And Cafe32-B3
2014/2015Such a Fool32-B3
2014/2015Sweet Maureen32-B1
2014/2015Sweet Sweet Smile32-B/Int1, 2
2016/2017Skinny Genes32-A-B1
2016/2017Send Me A Letter Amanda32-B3
2016/2017Suite 1648-Int4
2016/2017Simple Things64-Imp2, 4
2017/2018Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)32-Int4
2017/2018Save Me Tonight32-B1
2017/2018Stay Strong32-Imp2
2017/2018Shakin Mix32-B1
2017/2018Sunshine in the Rain32-Beg.1, 3
2017/2018Special Delivery32-Beg.3
2018/2019Sangria Sun32-Beg.2, 3
2018/2019Simple As Can Be32-Imp.3
2018/2019Sangria Time64-Beg.3
2019/2020Somewhere In Between64-Imp.Øvet
2019/2020Senorita La-La-La32-Beg./Imp.Letøvet
2020/2021Southern Dreams64-L-Int.Øvet
2021/2022Sunset Road32-Beg.Beg. og Letøvet
2021/2022Same Boat32-Imp.Øvet
2021/2022South Of Queens32-Beg.Beg. og Letøvet
2021/2022Some Kind Of Wonderful32-Beg.Begynder
2021/2022She Don't Know (CBA 2022)32-L-Int.Øvet
2021/2022Sweet Ireland64-E-Int.Øvet
2022/2023Summer In Ireland32-Beg.Beg. og Letøvet
2022/2023Save It for a Sunny Day32-Imp.Øvet

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