Danse med R

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2013/2014Raggle Taggle Gypsy O32-H-ImpE
2009/2010Rah-rah Ooh La La80-IntA, B
2009/2010Rain Against My Window32-IntA, B
2010/2011Raining Cats And Dogs32-BC, D
2010/2011Raise Your Glass64-Int/AdvA
2010/2011Rather Be With You64-ImpF, J
2013/2014Ready to Roll Baby32-A-BC
2007/2008Rebel Amor64-ImpA, B, F
2009/2010Redcoat Tiger64-AdvA
2009/2010Release Me64-IntB
2013/2014Remember That32-IntB
2008/2009Respect Yourself64-IntA
2009/2010Rhyme Or Reason64-ImpB, F, J
2012/2013Rhythm Of The Night64-IntA
2011/2012Right About Now32-L-IntA, B
2008/2009Right Or Wrong32-ImpJ
2009/2010Rita’s Waltz 24-BC
2012/2013Rock and Roll Cowboy Contra32-BE
2012/2013Rockin’ The Trolls32-BE
2013/2014Rock Me A Little32-U-BC
2010/2011Rock N Love64-ImpB, F, J
2012/2013Rock Paper Scissors36-ImpE, F, J
2008/2009Rollin’ With The Flow32-IntB, F, J
2009/2010Roomba72-ImpA, B
2013/2014Round and Round64-IntB
2013/2014Round Of Applause64-Int/AdvA
2012/2013Runaway Train64-IntB
2012/2013Running Free64-IntA
2016/2017Reasons For My Tears32-Imp4
2015/2016Rock & Roll64-Imp/Int3
2016/2017Rose From The Sea32-Imp4
2017/2018Runaway Cha32-B2, 3
2017/2018Raining Glitter64-Imp.2
2017/2018Rose Garden32-Int.2
2018/2019Road House Rock32-A-Beg.1, 2, 3
2019/2020Remember These Words64-Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022Ruby Baby16-Beg.Begynder
2022/2023Remember This32-L-Imp.Øvet
2022/2023Remix Of Love32-A-Beg.Begynder
2022/2023Rum In My Coke32-Beg.Begynder
2022/2023Road To Errogie64-Int.Øvet

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