Danse med W

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2023/2024We Should Get Married32-ImpLetøvet
2023/2024Without the Memories48-Int.Øvet
2023/2024Who Needs to Know32-Beg.Begynder
2012/2013Wagon Wheel Rock64-Imp/E-IntF, E
2012/2013Wake Up Maggie32-BC
2008/2009Walk Back To Me64-ImpA, B, F, J
2011/2012Walk Down Town48-ImpB
2008/2009Walk Of Life32-BD
2010/2011Walking In The Rain64-ImpA, B, J
2013/2014Walking On Air32-ImpE, F, J
2009/2010Wanna Dance32-BC, D, F
2007/2008Wanna Know Why32-IntA
2011/2012Water Tower Town32-IntJ
2009/2010We Believe64-IntA, B, J
2013/2014Welcome To The Weekend34-L-ImpF
2011/2012We Own The Night32-IntF, J
2013/2014We Remain32-IntB
2013/2014We’re Not BrokenPhrased AdvancedA
2011/2012What Are Words32-IntA
2012/2013Whatcha Reckon32-BC, D, F
2009/2010What You Gonna Do With The Band48-ImpD
2012/2013When I Need You48-ImpB, E, F
2012/2013When I Was Yours32-IntB
2010/2011Where I Belong32-A-BC, D
2010/2011Where The Sky Meets The Water32-ImpJ
2008/2009Whiter Than White32-H-IntA, B
2008/2009Where We’ve Been32-IntA, B, J
2009/2010Who U Love48-IntB
2009/2010Why Don't We Just Dance64-IntF, J
2008/2009Wild Ponies72-IntA
2012/2013Windy City Waltz96-H-IntA
2011/2012Wonderland Waltz48-ImpD
2013/2014Wow Tokyo64-H-IntA
2012/2013Wrapped Inside Your Love32-BD
2012/2013Wom Bom Bom64-IntB
2012/2013Write Your Number32-H-BC, D, F
2010/2011Wrong Side Of The Road32-IntB, F
2014/2015Walking On Air64-Int4
2015/2016Waltz Across Texas48-B1, 2
2014/2015We Only Live Once64-I4, 5
2014/2015We Only Live Once - Easy32-B1
2016/2017We Went24-B2
2015/2016We'll Be Alright32-B3
2015/2016Well Do Ya?48-Imp2, 4
2016/2017What Do You Want64-Int4
2016/2017Wheels & Roses32-Imp1, 2, 4
2014/2015When I'm 6432-Imp4
2015/2016White Rose36-E-Int2
2012/2013Whiskeys Gone72-ImpJ
2015/2016Who Did You Call Darlin'64-Int3, 4
2015/2016Whole Again32-B/Int2
2014/2015Why Don't You32-B/Imp3
2014/2015Wild Fire48-Imp4
2014/2015Woman Trouble64-Imp/Int4
2014/2015Wonder Train64-Imp/Int4, 5
2015/2016Wrong Side of Sober32-Imp3
2017/2018Waiting On A Song32-B3
2017/2018Wandering Hearts32-H-Imp4
2017/2018Whiskey Bridges32-Beg.3
2018/2019Why Did It Have To Be Me32-Beg.2, 4
2018/2019Whiskey Bridges32-A-Beg.1
2018/2019Waves of Love64-Imp.3, 4
2018/2019Working on Me32-Int.4
2019/2020Wake Up in the Morning64-Imp.Letøvet
2019/2020Walking On The Moon32-Beg.Begynder
2020/2021Wrong Direction32-Imp.Letøvet
2020/2021Writing On The Wall32-Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022What A Song Can Do32-Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022Wait a Minute32-Beg.Begynder
2021/2022Wild Hearts EZ32-A-Beg.Begynder
2022/2023Whiskey On The Shelf32-Imp.Letøvet

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