Danse med T

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2023/2024Tippin' It Up32-H-Beg.Begynder, Letøvet
2023/2024The Jester & the Joker64-ImpLetøvet
2023/2024Tucson Too Late48-Imp.Letøvet
2013/2014The Blarney Roses34-ImpE, F
2013/2014The Conversation32-ImpE
2010/2011The PearlIntA
2016/2017The Queen32-Imp2
2013/2014The Small Story32-BC
2011/2012The Støvle Dans76-ImpA
2008/2009The Trail64-IntJ
2011/2012The Wanderer48-ImpF
2014/2015This & That 32-B1
2009/2010This Ain't No Cha Cha64-IntB
2013/2014This Is Me64-ImpE, F
2012/2013Throw Away The Key68-IntF
2008/2009Time 2 Fly48-IntA
2009/2010Time To Swing48-IntB
2007/2008T.L.C.32-BD, J
2008/2009T'morrow Never Knows32-BegC, D
2009/2010Toes32-ImpD, J
2007/2008Top Of The World32-B/IntB, D, F, J
2007/2008Town Of Hope And Memories32-IntA
2010/2011Trailerhood32-B/IntC, D, F
2007/2008Travelin' Music64-B/IntA
2008/2009Tumbling Rush64-IntB
2008/2009Turn Me Loose64-IntA
2010/2011Take A Little Note32-ImpD
2015/2016Take a Breather32-B/I4
2013/2014Talk Is Cheap64-B/IF
2008/2009Tango Cha32-IA
2012/2013Tango De Pasion64-IB
2009/2010Tap Room Boogie64-IA, B
2014/2015Tell The World32-Imp4
2011/2012Tennessee Waltz Surprise32-BD
2015/2016Thanks a Lot32-B1
2012/2013That 55 Ford64-BD
2012/2013That Man32-H-BE
2012/2013The Belle Of Liverpool64-ImpE, F, J
2014/2015The Boat To Liverpool32-Imp4, 5
2011/2012The Flute64-IB, F, J
2013/2014The Good Life32-AdvA
2012/2013The Hotdog Boogie48-ImpJ
2009/2010The Kinser Influence32-BD
2014/2015The Longest Time32-BC
2014/2015The Story Of My Life64-Imp5
2014/2015Those Were The Days32-H-B4, 5
2014/2015Ticket 2 Heaven68-Imp3
2015/2016Tribal Heartbeat64-I5
2015/2016Ticket To The Blues32-B4
2015/2016Trouble To Me32-I5
2015/2016That´s Up64-I4
2015/2016The Bomp64-Imp2, 4
2015/2016The Galway Gathering32-A-B1, 3
2015/2016Twist & Turns64-I4
2015/2016Three Beers To Mexico32-Imp3
2015/2016Triple Mix32-B3
2015/2016The Real Deal 48-Imp4
2015/2016Try Everything32-Imp4
2015/2016Try Everything (Beg.) 32-B3
2009/2010The Way To Your Heart???A, B, J
2017/2018The Most Beautiful Girl32-B2
2017/2018True Believer!32-Imp4
2017/2018The Older I Get32-E-Imp3
2017/2018Taking My Time32-Imp4
2017/2018The Dance16-Beg.3
2018/2019Things32-Beg.1, 2, 3
2018/2019The Freeze16-Beg.1
2018/2019The King and I32-E-Imp.3
2018/2019Time To Take A Smoke Break32-Beg.3
2018/2019Tara's Dance64-Imp.2
2018/2019Time Flies By32-H-Beg.2
2019/2020The Little Farmer32-Beg.Letøvet
2019/2020Thorn In My Side64-H-Imp.Øvet
2021/2022Train Wreck48-H-Imp.Øvet
2021/2022The Captain32-Imp.Øvet
2021/2022Take It32-Imp.Øvet
2021/2022The Night That Went On For Days32-Imp.Let øvet
2022/2023Tribal Town64-Imp.Øvet
2022/2023Til the Neons Gone32-Imp.Letøvet
2022/2023Toot Sweet!32-Beg./Imp.Letøvet
2022/2023The Morning After48-Imp.Øvet

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