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2013/2014Air Balloon64- Int
2012/2013Anything 64- H-Int
2011/2012A Walk On The Wild Side 32-Int
2010/2011A Perfekt Day 48-Int
2010/2011Aphrodite 64-Int
2010/2011Always Crazy 64-Int
2010/2011Askin Questions 32-Int
2010/2011American Honey 32-Int
2008/2009Am I? 32-B/Int
2008/2009 Addicted32- Int/Adv
2008/2009Amor De Hielo 64-Int
2007/2008Atomik Polka 64- Int
2009/2010Baby Come On (B.C.O) 48-Int
2012/2013Back In Time112-Adv
2011/2012Bang Bang 64-Int
2012/2013Beautiful In My Eyes 32-Int
2007/2008Be Strong 32-B/Int
2007/2008Big Great Girls 32-Imp
2013/2014Blurred Lines64-Adv
2012/2013Boys Will Be Boys 64-Int
2008/2009Bread On The Table64-Int
2013/2014Breathe Easy 32-I
2009/2010Broken Heels 64-Int
2010/2011Bumpy Ride 64-Int
2010/2011Busy 48-Imp
2011/2012Call Me Maybe 32-Int
2008/2009Can´t Stop Loving You64-Int
2008/2009Cha Cha With Me32-B/Int
2007/2008Cherry Poppin´72-I
2012/2013Cold Blooded Lover84-Adv
2009/2010Coochie Bang Bang64-Adv
2013/2014Counting Stars 80-Int
2007/2008Crazy Foot Mambo32-B/Int
2013/2014Cruel Love96-Int
2011/2012Crystal Clear64-I
2011/2012Devotion 56-Adv
2010/2011Doin´Alrite 64-Int
2011/2012Domino 64-H-Int
2007/2008Don´t Feel Like Dancing64-Int
2013/2014Don´t You Remember?32-Adv
2008/2009Doors Of Life 48-Int
2009/2010Do The Hoedown Int
2010/2011Drip Droppin 48-Adv
2011/2012Drive By 64-Int
2010/2011Ease My Troubles32-Int
2009/2010Everybody´s Someone40-Int
2010/2011Everythhing I Do32-Adv
2010/2011Fall Apart48-Adv
2008/2009Fire On Ice64-Int
2010/2011Forever Cha32-Int
2011/2012Gambling Man72-Int
2012/2013Get Lucky64-Int
2013/2014Girl Power64-Int
2008/2009Go Mama Go64-Imp
2008/2009Go With The Flow64-Imp
2007/2008Good Night 2 B Lonely32-I
2012/2013Gotta Be Somebody64-Int/Adv
2008/2009Gotta Hitch64-Int
2007/2008Guardian Angel32-Int
2011/2012Had A Bad Day32-H-Int
2008/2009Have Fun Go Mad32-Int
2008/2009Heart Of An Angel48-B/Int
2008/2009Heart Of The Ocean32-Int
2007/2008High Time48-Int
2013/2014Hit The Floor64-Int
2010/2011Hold My Hand32-Int
2008/2009Hold Your Horses64-Int/Adv
2007/2008Hooked Up64-E-I
2012/2013How You Gonna32-Int
2009/2010Hush Hush48-Adv
2009/2010I Gotta Feeling64-Int
2008/2009I Wish64-Int
2007/2008I Won´t Be Missing You32-Int
2008/2009I´am Yours32-Imp
2009/2010Jamba JumpInt
2010/2011John Wayne Walking64-Int
2011/2012Just Enjoy64-Int
2011/2012Kiss The Stars64-Int
2010/2011 Knee Deep by Adrian Churm64-Int
2007/2008Larger Than Life48-Adv
2009/2010Latin Crazy64-I
2007/2008Leaving Of Liverpool32-B/I
2012/2013Leave You Alone48-I
2010/2011Let´s Chill64-Imp
2008/2009Love Me Tomorrow64-I
2009/2010Love Ya64-I
2008/2009Madiba Mambo32-Int
2012/2013Makin´ Waves32-Int
2013/2014Man In The Mirror48-Adv
2009/2010Martini Moments64-Int
2010/2011Messy Little Raindrops32-Int
2008/2009Mojo Rhythm48-B-Int
2011/2012Move A Like64-Int
2007/2008Mr Luver80-Int/Adv
2011/2012Mr Wonderful64-Int
2009/2010Murder My Heart48-Int
2007/2008My Heart64-Int
2013/2014My Light32-Adv
2013/2014New York 2 LA 48-Int/Adv
2012/2013Next To Me32-Int
2013/2014Nitty Gritty32-Int
2009/2010No Need To Rush64-Int
2011/2012Not Drunk Enough32-Int/Adv
2007/2008Not Like That32-Int
2012/2013NY Cha64-Int/Adv
2012/2013Outta Control80-Adv.
2011/2012Own It64-I
2012/2013People Like Us64-Int
2013/2014Perfect Timing64-Int
2007/2008Picking Trash32-Int
2008/2009Poker Face64-Adv
2008/2009Puttin´n on a Style64-Int
2009/2010Rah-rah Ooh La La80-Int
2009/2010Rain Against My Window32-Int
2010/2011Raise Your Glass64-Int/Adv
2007/2008Rebel Amor64-Imp
2009/2010Redcoat Tiger64-Adv
2008/2009Respect Yourself64-Int
2012/2013Rhythm Of The Night64-Int
2011/2012Right About Now32-L-Int
2013/2014Round Of Applause64-Int/Adv
2012/2013Running Free64-Int
2007/2008Sea Salt Sally96-Int
2013/2014Shake The Room48-I
2008/2009She Believes32-Imp
2011/2012Share This Love64-Int
2007/2008Show Me Yours48-Int
2011/2012Show Me Your Teeth64-Int
2011/2012Side By Side64-Int
2009/2010Sister Kate32-Int
2010/2011Snap Your Fingers64-Int/Adv
2008/2009So Glamorous32-Int
2012/2013Soul Fire32-Int
2010/2011Something Good48-Int
2007/2008Stand By Me Cha32-Int/Adv
2013/2014Staring Back At Me32-Int
2007/2008Stars In My Eyes64-B/Int
2011/2012Stay With Me64-Int
2011/2012Still Got The Blues96-Int
2013/2014Stitch It Up64-B/Int
2012/2013Straight To Memphis48-I
2010/2011Sugar Candy64-Imp
2007/2008Sugar & Pai32-Int
2013/2014Suicide Waltz 96-Int/Adv
2009/2010Sweet Little Dangerous64-Int
2010/2011The PearlInt
2011/2012The Støvle Dans76-Imp
2008/2009Time 2 Fly48-Int
2007/2008Town Of Hope And Memories32-Int
2007/2008Travelin' Music64-B/Int
2008/2009Turn Me Loose64-Int
2008/2009Tango Cha32-I
2009/2010Tap Room Boogie64-I
2013/2014The Good Life32-Adv
2009/2010The Way To Your Heart???
2009/2010Upside Down48-Int
2008/2009Walk Back To Me64-Imp
2010/2011Walking In The Rain64-Imp
2007/2008Wanna Know Why32-Int
2009/2010We Believe64-Int
2013/2014We’re Not BrokenPhrased Advanced
2011/2012What Are Words32-Int
2008/2009Whiter Than White32-H-Int
2008/2009Where We’ve Been32-Int
2008/2009Wild Ponies72-Int
2012/2013Windy City Waltz96-H-Int
2013/2014Wow Tokyo64-H-Int
2013/2014You Knock Me Down64-Int
2010/2011You're Amazing64-Int
2007/2008You're My Destiny64-Int
2007/2008Zjozzy's Funk32-B/Int

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