Danse med O

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2023/2024Oh My Johnny32-Imp.
2008/2009Old 9732-B/IntD
2012/2013Only A Woman!32-IntB
2008/2009On My Way32-BD, F, J
2009/2010On The Water32-B/IntD
2011/2012Open Up Your EyesB
2010/2011Out & JumpImpD, F
2013/2014Out Of Focus32-BC
2012/2013Outta Control80-Adv.A
2011/2012Own It64-IA
2014/2015Old Beach Roller Coaster64-Int5
2015/2016One Call Away32-B/Imp1, 2
2015/2016One More Day32-Int5
2016/2017Oops Baby32-Int4
2017/2018On The Road28-B3
2017/2018Oh Carol32-A-Beg.1
2018/2019One Hundred32-Imp4
2018/2019One Touch at a Time64-Int.4
2018/2019Outside In32-Beg.1
2018/2019Off The Beaten Track32-Beg.2, 4
2018/2019Oh Me Oh My Oh48-Imp.4
2018/2019Over The Moon32-A-Beg.1
2022/2023Out on the Dance Floor32-A-Beg.Begynder

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