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2013/2014Another Song 32-Imp
2013/2014A Love Worth Waiting 4 64-Int
2012/2013Aint No Fool 48-Int
2012/2013Aiko Aiko 32- Int
2011/2012Alabama Slammin 48-Int
2011/2012A Lot Like That 32-Int
2010/2011Askin Questions 32-Int
2010/2011American Honey 32-Int
2007/2008Atomik Polka 64- Int
2007/2008Alfie 32- B
2010/2011Baby Doll Waltz48-Int
2011/2012Baie Baie32- Imp
2007/2008Be Strong 32-B/Int
2009/2010Beyond Your Eyes32-Imp/Int
2010/2011Big Jimmy64-Imp
2008/2009Bread On The Table64-Int
2009/2010Broken Heels 64-Int
2008/2009Cha Cha With Me32-B/Int
2011/2012Chill Axin32-Int
2007/2008Crazy Foot Mambo32-B/Int
2011/2012Dance With Me64-Int
2011/2012Dancing ViolinsB/Int
2008/2009Devil´s Beat56-Int
2008/2009Docto´r Orders64-Int
2012/2013Don´t Bring Her Back37-Imp/I
2007/2008Don´t Feel Like Dancing64-Int
2008/2009Duck Soup32-B
2010/2011Ease My Troubles32-Int
2012/2013Eres Tu64-Int
2009/2010Everybody´s Someone40-Int
2010/2011Everythhing I Do32-Adv
2009/2010Feel Right68-Imp
2008/2009Galways Girls31-Imp
2008/2009Go Mama Go64-Imp
2011/2012Good Times48-B/Int
2008/2009Good To Be Us32-B/Int
2011/2012Half Past Nothing64-Imp/E-Int
2008/2009Heart Of An Angel48-B/Int
2010/2011Hey Soul Sister32-Int
2008/2009Hold Your Horses64-Int/Adv
2010/2011Homeward Bound64-B/Int
2008/2009Hotter Than Cold64-E-Int
2012/2013If I Was a Single Man64-Imp
2008/2009I Wish64-Int
2010/2011I´m No Good64-Int
2008/2009I´am Yours32-Imp
2010/2011Jig About64-Imp
2011/2012Journey To The Stars64-Imp
2008/2009Just A Memory64-B/Int
2008/2009Just A Kiss64-Int
2009/2010Leave The Boat32-Imp
2010/2011Let´s Chill64-Imp
2010/2011Lie Lie Lie32-B/I
2012/2013Life Is Good32-Imp
2008/2009Like I Never32-I
2008/2009Little Red Book32-B
2007/2008Live, Laugh, Love32-B/I
2011/2012Love Letter Waltz48-Imp
2012/013Love Love Love40-Imp
2012/2013Maverick Blue32-Imp
2008/2009Mojo Rhythm48-B-Int
2007/2008My Heart64-Int
2008/2009My Mamacita64-Int
2007/2008Not Like That32-Int
2011/2012Not Without Us32-Int
2008/2009On My Way32-B
2007/2008Picking Trash32-Int
2009/2010Pii Pii64-E-Int
2011/2012Pot of Gold64-Int
2010/2011Pretty Belinda64-B/Int
2008/2009Puttin´n on a Style64-Int
2010/2011Quater After One56-Int
2010/2011Rather Be With You64-Imp
2009/2010Rhyme Or Reason64-Imp
2008/2009Right Or Wrong32-Imp
2010/2011Rock N Love64-Imp
2012/2013Rock Paper Scissors36-Imp
2008/2009Rollin’ With The Flow32-Int
2007/2008Sea Salt Sally96-Int
2011/2012Shake The Bom Bom64-Imp
2009/2010Shakin Mix32-B
2008/2009She Believes32-Imp
2011/2012Side By Side64-Int
2009/2010Sister Kate32-Int
2009/2010Speak With Your Heart32-Int
2007/2008Stars In My Eyes64-B/Int
2010/2011Stuck With…?64-E-Int
2007/2008Sugar & Pai32-Int
2008/2009Sweet Little Corrina64-Imp
2007/2008Sweetly Smiles32-B
2012/2013The Belle Of Liverpool64-Imp
2011/2012The Flute64-I
2012/2013The Hotdog Boogie48-Imp
2008/2009The Trail64-Int
2009/2010The Way To Your Heart???
2007/2008Top Of The World32-B/Int
2008/2009Walk Back To Me64-Imp
2010/2011Walking In The Rain64-Imp
2013/2014Walking On Air32-Imp
2011/2012Water Tower Town32-Int
2009/2010We Believe64-Int
2011/2012We Own The Night32-Int
2010/2011Where The Sky Meets The Water32-Imp
2008/2009Where We’ve Been32-Int
2009/2010Why Don't We Just Dance64-Int
2012/2013Whiskeys Gone72-Imp

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