Danse med D

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2011/2012Dance With Me64-IntF, J
2010/2011Dancing In Circles72-IntB
2011/2012Dancing ViolinsB/IntJ
2012/2013Dancing With Cupid 64-IntB, F
2012/2013Danza Kuduro64-ImpB
2013/2014Deep In My Heart48-H-BC, F
2008/2009Devil´s Beat56-IntB, J
2011/2012Devotion 56-AdvA
2013/2014Disturb Me32-BE
2008/2009Docto´r Orders64-IntB, F, J
2010/2011Doin´Alrite 64-IntA, B
2011/2012Domino 64-H-IntA
2012/2013Don´t Bring Her Back37-Imp/IJ
2013/2014Don´t Disturb Me64-IntB
2007/2008Don´t Feel Like Dancing64-IntA, J
2009/2010Don´t Rock The Jukebox64-BC, D
2013/2014Don´t Say Goodbye32-BC
2013/2014Don´t You Remember?32-AdvA
2008/2009Don´t You Wish32-BD, F
2008/2009Doors Of Life 48-IntA, B
2009/2010Do The Hoedown IntA, B
2011/2012Double U Double D32-ImpB, F
2013/2014Dream Lover64-B/ImpF
2010/2011Dream Of You64-IntF
2010/2011Drip Droppin 48-AdvA
2011/2012Drive By 64-IntA, B
2012/2013Drunk on a Friday Night32-BC, E
2008/2009Duck Soup32-BA, B, D, J
2014/2015Dance It Up (Villy)32-Imp4
2015/2016Dance With Derek48-Imp4
2014/2015Dancing Tonight64-Int5
2015/2016Øde Ø/Deserted Island32-Imp/E-I3, 4
2014/2015Diamond Dixie32-B1
2016/2017Diamond Rings28-Imp4
2014/2015Dear Future Husband32-Int4, 5
2014/2015Disappearing Tail Lights32-Imp3
2014/2015Doctor Doctor80-Int5
2014/2015Don´t Really Matter32-B3
2014/2015Do You Really Love Life64-E-Int4
2014/2015Down To The River64-Int/Adv5
2016/2017Drinking With Dolly32-B2, 3
2016/2017Drinking Problem32-Imp1
2017/2018Dance Her Home48-Imp2, 3
2017/2018Down On Your Uppers32-Beg.2, 3
2017/2018Deep South48-H-Imp.4
2017/2018Double Down Two Step64-E-Int.4
2018/2019Down To The Honkytonk(Rick Todd )32-Beg.3
2018/2019Down To The Honkytonk(Lisa M. Johns-Grose)32-Beg.1
2018/2019Don't Say Goodbye32-Beg.2
2018/2019DO WOP BE DOO BE DOO32-Beg./Int.2
2018/2019Don't Look Good Naked32-Beg.3
2018/2019Desert Wind64-Int.4
2019/2020Down the Dixie Road32-Beg.Begynder/Letøvet
2021/2022Dance Before You Leave Me64-Int.Øvet
2021/2022Do It All Again32-Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022Don't Look Good Naked32-beg.Begynder
2022/2023Dancing Through The Rain AB32-A-Beg.Begynder+
2022/2023Do It With Style32-H.Beg.Letøvet
2022/2023Dim The Lights48-Int.Øvet
2022/2023Dancing in the Country48-Int.Øvet

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