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Begynderhold=1 Letøvet=2 Country=3 Letøvet/øvet=4 Meget Øvet=5

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2023/2024I Showed You The Door64-Int.Øvet
2023/2024In Walked You64-Int.Øvet
2023/2024If You Believe32-E-Int.Letøvet
2023/2024Inatt, Inatt (Tonight, Tonight)32-Beg.Letøvet
2009/2010I Don´t Care32-B/IntD
2013/2014If I Had Wings96-IntB
2012/2013If I Was a Single Man64-ImpF, J
2009/2010I Gotta Feeling64-IntA, B
2013/2014I Hope You Find It32-Int/AdvB
2013/2014I Love You Because32-A-BC
2013/2014In My Heart48-IntB
2013/2014In Your Arms32-ImpE
2011/2012I Saw Linda Yesterday32-B/ImpD
2008/2009I Wish64-IntA, B, F, J
2007/2008I Won´t Be Missing You32-IntA
2010/2011I´m No Good64-IntB, J
2008/2009I´am Yours32-ImpA, B, J
2009/2010In Control32-IB
2008/2009It´s Alright To Be a Redneck32-BD
2015/2016Ice Breaker32-B2
2015/2016I´am Ready To Roll32-Imp2
2015/2016I Hope48-Imp/I5
2015/2016I Love a Rainy Night32-B1, 2
2014/2015I Run To You64-Int5
2015/20016I'll Be Your Woman32-Int5
2014/2015If You Can32-Int4
2015/2016It Feels Like Rock´n Roll32-B3
2014/2015It Must Be Love32-B1
2016/2017It Don’t Hurt32-E-Int2
2015/2016Ice Breaker32-B2
2015/2016I Do My Dreaming32-Imp3
2016/2017It Might Kill Me32-B1
2016/2017If Love Was a48-Imp3, 4
2017/2018Irish Dream48-B2, 3
2017/2018In Good Shape64-Imp./E-Int.4
2017/2018I Won't Back Down40-H-Beg.2
2018/2019I Close My Eyes32-Beg.2, 4
2018/2019Isabel & Jose64-Int.4
2018/2019It's Worth A Shot64-Int.4
2018/2019It's All In The Kiss64-Int.4
2020/2021If You Need Me64-ImpLetøvet
2021/2022I'm On Fire28-Beg./Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022I'm on My Way32-Imp.Letøvet
2021/2022Into The Dark Night64-Imp.Letøvet
2022/2023Irish Boots96-H.Imp.Øvet

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