Danse med B

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2009/2010Baby Baby Baby 64-IntB
2009/2010Baby Come On (B.C.O) 48-IntA - B
2010/2011Baby Doll Waltz48-IntD - J
2009/2010Baby Kate32-BD
2013/2014Baby Tonight32-B/ImpE
2012/2013Back In Time112-AdvA
2008/2009Backwoods Girl36-ImpD
2009/2010Bad Influence64-IntB
2011/2012Baie Baie32- ImpF - J
2011/2012Bang Bang 64-IntA
2012/2013Beautiful In My Eyes 32-IntA
2010/2011Be Back Soon 112-IntB
2007/2008Be Strong 32-B/IntA - B - F - J
2012/2013Better With You48-IntB - F
2012/2013Between Dances36-B/IntD
2009/2010Beyond Your Eyes32-Imp/IntF - J
2007/2008Big Great Girls 32-ImpA
2010/2011Big Jimmy64-ImpF - J
2013/2014Blurred Lines64-AdvA
2012/2013Blurred Lines32- ImpE - F
2011/2012Boogie Woogie Rhythm 48-IntF
2009/2010Boyfriend Of The Year 64-ImpD - F
2009/2010Boys Will Be Boys32-BC - D
2012/2013Boys Will Be Boys 64-IntA - B
2012/2013Brand New Day 64-ImpB
2008/2009Bread On The Table64-IntA, J
2013/2014Breathe Easy 32-IA
2009/2010Broken Heels 64-IntA - B - J
2008/2009Bud Wiser32-ImpD
2010/2011Bumpy Ride 64-IntA - B
2010/2011Busy 48-ImpA - B - F
2014/2015Baby Belle32-B1
2015/2016Baptized by Rock and Roll32- Imp4
2014/2015Back Again48-Int5
2014/2015Beast Of Burden64-Adv4, 5
2015/2016Be My Baby Now64- Int5
2015/2016Beer For My Horses40-B/Int3
2014/2015Better Times32- Imp3
2015/2016Better When I’m Dancing64-Int5
2015/2016Better When I’m Dancin’, Baby32- B1, 3
2015/2016Black Horse32- Int5
2014/2015Blue California32- B/Int3
2014/2015Blue Moon Party32-A-B1
2014/2015Blue Night Cha32- B1
2014/2015Borrow My Heart64- Int4
2014/2015Bosa Nova64-B/Int4
2015/2016Boys Like You 48-Int5
2015/2016Bring On The Good Times32- H-B2, 3, 4
2016/2017Bored32-B2, 3
2016/2017Behind The Clouds48-B3
2016/2017Built To Last64-Imp3
2015/2016Blue Blue Day32-Imp3
2016/2017Bibia Be Ye Ye32-Imp3
2016/2017Be There In Your Morning32-Beg1, 2, 3
2016/2017Bibia Be Ye Ye32-Imp4
2017/2018Broken Heart32-B1
2016/2017Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy48-B1
2018/2019Beyond Beautiful32-Int.4
2018/2019Blue Cowboy32-Imp.3
2019/2020Bonaparte's Retreat32-Beg.Letøvet
2019/2020Backroad Nation (That's Us)64-Imp.Letøvet
2020/2021Bottom Of The Ocean48-Imp.2

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