Danse med L

2 =Let øvet

3 = Country

4 =Letøvet/øvet

5 = Meget øvet

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2011/2012Laid Back Country32-ImpD
2008/2009Laid Back´n Low Key32-ImpB, D
2007/2008Larger Than Life48-AdvA
2009/2010Latin Crazy64-IA, B
2012/2013Learn To Love Again32-IF
2009/2010Leave The Boat32-ImpB, J
2007/2008Leaving Of Liverpool32-B/IA
2012/2013Leave You Alone48-IA, B
2012/2013Let Her Go Easy32-E-ImpE
2010/2011Let´s Chill64-ImpA, B, J
2010/2011Lie Lie Lie32-B/IJ
2012/2013Life Is Good32-ImpJ
2008/2009Like A Dream64-IB
2008/2009Like I Never32-IJ
2011/2012Little Eyes48-BC, D
2008/2009Little Red Book32-BC, D, J
2012/2013Little Too High32-ImpE, F
2011/2012Live Fra Bremen32-BC
2007/2008Live, Laugh, Love32-B/IJ
2019/2020Living Next Door To Alice24-B1
2008/2009Lollipop32-IA, B
2012/2013Lonely Road32-ImpB
2012/2013Long Distance Love64-IB
2009/2010Louisiana Swing32-ID, F
2011/2012Love Letter Waltz48-ImpF, J
2012/013Love Love Love40-ImpF, J
2008/2009Love Me, Love Me32-ImpD
2008/2009Love Me Tomorrow64-IA
2008/2009Love Trick32-BD
2009/2010Love Ya64-IA, B
2010/2011Lucky Punch32-ImpB
2015/2016Lay Low32-Imp2, 3
2014/2015Let Her Go32-I5
2015/2016Life Of The Party 64-I5
2015/2016Light On34-I5
2014/2015Lindi Shuffle16-B1
2014/2015Little Beast of Burden32-B1
2015/2016Locklin´s Bar32-Imp4
2015/2016Love Her For A While64-Imp/I4
2016/2017Love Like Before32-B1, 3
2016/2017Lucky Lucky Country32-B1, 3
2016/2017Loslappie Mini32-B1
2015/2016Little Story Of My Life 32-B1
2014/2015Let It Snow (Anette)32-B3
2016/2017Long Black Train34-B3
2016/2017Let The Love Flow32-Imp2
2017/2018Life's Too Short64-Imp3
2017/2018Lonely Drum32-Imp1, 4
2017/2018Little Wandering Heart32-B1, 2
2017/2018Love Will Win32-Beg./Imp.2
2017/2018Little Nancy Mulligan32-E-Beg.1
2017/2018Like A Fine Wine32-Imp.2, 4
2018/2019Love Flow32-Beg.2, 3
2018/2019Love You64-beg.+3
2019/2020Lonely Blues64-Beg./Imp.Øvet
2020/2021Living On Love AB32-A-Beg.1
2020/2021Little Less Broken48-L-Int.3
2021/2022Looking Up32-Beg.Letøvet
2022/2023Lucky Lips32-A-Beg.Begynder

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